Vibroacoustic Therapy

Ancient Healing for Modern Living
Vibracoustic Therapy


All matter vibrates and resonates at a specific frequency, including the human body and the Earth itself. Sound and vibrational healing have been used since ancient times for its therapeutic effects to essentially reset cellular vibrations, accelerate healing and restore balance.

Description & Benefits

The Use of Sound in Modern Medicine:  In modern times, medical imaging techniques called ultrasounds are frequently performed using high frequency sound waves and their echoes. The use of vibroacoustic therapy is a research-based healing technique showing positive results for a wide range of conditions including cancer, anxiety, recovery from surgery and cognitive disabilities, and is used in some hospitals as an adjunct treatment for surgery and chemotherapy. The National Institute of Health (NIH) published a study on the use of vibroacoustic therapy to decrease pain as well as for accompanying symptoms such as anxiety and depression.

Sound waves have been shown to travel most efficiently through water, which makes the human body receptive to vibroacoustic therapy due to its makeup of approximately 60% water. The vibrational waves created by sound may effectively reduce pain by removing obstructions, relaxing muscles and organs, reducing inflammation and increasing blood flow to the area.

Our Approach:  As ancient traditions have long known, we believe sound has the power to heal. We use applied vibrations using tuning forks to activate acupuncture points and meridians, remove blockages and increase the circulation of Qi and Blood. In addition, specific acupoints are selected to clear and reset the energy centers of the body.

The Results:  The effects of combining vibrational sound therapy with acupuncture are powerful not only for pain management but for emotional and energetic wellness. Our patients report an immediate sense of renewal and calm, as well as a lightness of being – all positive indicators that the healing process is underway and balance restored.