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Tinnitus The Eastern Medical Approach

Tinnitus: The Eastern Medical Approach

Tinnitus is a subjective sensation of hearing a sound in the absence of an external stimulus, and can be severe enough to significantly affect a patient’s quality of life. It is a common condition, however little is known about the etiology and there is no known effective surgical or pharmacological treatment to date. Many are turning to Eastern medicine - learn more about how acupuncture and herbs can help....

Post Stroke Rehabilitation & Prevention

Post-Stroke Rehabilitation & Prevention

For thousands of years, acupuncture and Chinese herbs have been used to treat the resulting dysfunction after stroke, including neurological deficits, cognitive impairments, hemiplegia, swallowing function and motor impairment. In modern China the use of acupuncture is well accepted for post-stroke rehabilitation as part of a comprehensive strategy used in conjunction with conventional stroke rehabilitation care. ...