Katy Barnhill, L.Ac.

Licensed Acupuncturist


  • Master of Science in Acupuncture, Pacific College of Oriental Medicine
  • Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene, Massachusetts College of Pharmacy


  • NY State Licensed Acupuncturist
  • NY State Registered Dental Hygienist
  • Board Certified in Acupuncture, Oriental Medicine and Dental Hygiene
  • NCCAOM Diplomate of Acupuncture


  • Institute of Family Health
  • Pacific College of Oriental Medicine Acupuncture Clinic
  • Dental hygienist for private practice and community health


  • Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMD or TMJ)
  • Gastrointestinal disorders
  • ADHD, Addiction, Stress, Anxiety & Emotional disorders
  • Insomnia
  • Headaches & Migraines
  • Neurofunctional acupuncture for the treatment of musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction
  • PMS & gynecological disorders

About Katy


With 14 years of experience as a dental hygienist, Katy has a unique perspective with the ability to diagnose internal conditions based on oral hygiene and treating imbalances from a Chinese medical perspective. By combining her experience in both fields, she is able to recognize, prevent and treat conditions that will often result in periodontal disease or pain and bleeding in the oral cavity. As the most external part of the gastrointestinal tract, she is able to assess conditions of the mouth to treat deeper internal GI disorders while considering imbalances within a broader holistic Eastern medical system.

Throughout the treatment she provides, Katy uses the principles of Chinese medicine to educate patients in prevention and self-care while supporting healing through acupuncture and other complementary modalities such as food and supplement therapy, tui na, cupping, gua sha, moxibustion, essential oils, meditation, and subconscious level mind work.

Katy’s approach to promoting quality patient care is born out of her ability to inspire growth and change. Through a holistic model of care linking mind and body, she emphasizes well-being using evidence-based techniques designed to foster mindful thinking and self-confidence leading to sustained healthier behaviors.

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