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E-Stim, or electrical stimulation, involves the attachment of electrodes to acupuncture needles in order to provide continued stimulation to the site. Electroacupuncture was developed to replace manipulation of the needles by hand, and can help to accelerate the healing process by increasing blood flow to the area and boosting the function of the acupuncture point.

Description & Benefits

Treatment:  Electroacupuncture utilizes a hand-held portable device that delivers micro- or milli-currents with adjustable frequency and intensity. Benefits of using an E-Stim machine include prolonged manipulation of the needle, controlled stimulus, and stronger stimulation if needed. Electrode pairs are placed on two acupuncture needles so the impulse can pass from one needle to another. The electrical output creates a pulsation that results in stimulation of the acupuncture needle. Depending on the placement and purpose of the needle, the E-Stim will produce a tapping sensation of the needle or twitching of muscle.

Conditions Treated:  Electroacupuncture is especially useful for pain syndromes, sports injuries, joint and musculoskeletal dysfunction, flaccidity, neurological disorders, paralysis due to stroke and facial paralysis.

Does It Hurt?  The level of intensity of the stimulation can vary from mild to intense, and is adjusted by the practitioner according to patient comfort. The treatment should not be painful, and the intensity is left at a level that is comfortable for the patient to tolerate for up to 30 minutes.