Constitutional Facial Acupuncture

Ancient Healing for Modern Living
Facial Acupuncture


As people are becoming more aware of the toxic nature of Botox injections, facial acupuncture has become popular as a natural solution to boost circulation, collagen production and muscle tone.

By using very fine specialized needles for the face that are typically painless, facial acupuncture may be used effectively to slow signs of aging, brighten dull skin, reduce or eliminate wrinkles and lines, and lift drooping skin. Facial definition of the jaw, chin, eyebrows, and cheeks can also be enhanced using motor points.

Description & Benefits

The Eastern Approach:  Eastern medicine views the lines, wrinkles and condition of the skin as a reflection of the internal organs of the body and the expression of habitual emotional responses. The face cannot be separated from the rest of the body – in order to treat the face, we take a constitutional holistic approach to treat not only what appears on the face, but factors within your body that may be contributing to drooping, sagging skin such as diet, digestive and circulatory issues. We’ll also address factors such as stress or underlying emotional scars that may lead to physical lines and wrinkles.

The Results:  Not only will you have better, younger-looking skin but you’ll also notice overall improvements in sleep, stress, anxiety, digestion, headaches, circulation and much more!


What's Included

Initial Visit (2 hour treatment)

  • A thorough intake of your diet, lifestyle and internal body systems
  • Targeted facial acupuncture + topical treatments, facial gua sha and jade rolling
  • Full body acupuncture treatment based on your individual constitution, issues and complaints
  • Additional vibrational sound therapy
  • Basically a full body tune-up!

Follow Up Visit (1.5 hour treatment)

  • A brief consultation to assess progress
  • All of the above

*** Due to the holistic nature of Constitutional Facial Acupuncture which addresses long-term internal conditions and emotional scarring that may manifest on the face, it is recommended that the patient receive a full-series of regularly scheduled treatments for best results. A full-series may typically consist of 12 to 15 treatments, however will be assessed by the practitioner during the initial visit and may require more treatments depending on other factors such as genetic predisposition, smoking, age, health and lifestyle.